We Verify

Our proprietary measurement and reporting methodologies deliver auditable CO2e data that can be reviewed and analyzed regularly and periodically through independent assessment to establish reliability and completeness.

Verification is a critical process that helps to ensure accuracy and conformance with established procedures, such as requirements imposed by independent validation and verification bodies, government regulators, and accredited climate registry databases.

Verification may be prescribed by domestic laws, and under the UNFCCC, review is executed as part of International Consultation and Analysis (ICA) and International Assessment and Review (IAR) processes.

Similarly, for accredited mitigation initiatives and projects, verification is prescribed by a crediting scheme.

The Paris Agreement prescribed technical expert review from 2020 onward as part of the verification process.

Depending on the type of MRV involved, verification may be undertaken at the national level, organization level, or facility level.

Meaningful feedback can also be generated through verification and lead to improvements in data collection and reporting, along with improvements in climate change policies

Successful verification enhances support for GHG mitigation policies that are designed to achieve sustainable development benefits.

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