Carbon Finance

Technology-validated Carbon Credits

Environmental, Social, and Governance ratings have become synonymous with reduced risk and higher returns as evidenced by the fact that ESG indices typically and materially outperform mainstream equity index benchmarks.

In the capital markets, the notional amount of bonds and loans being underwritten that are linked to organizations’ sustainability-related performances are expanding rapidly, growing at a pace just below US$ 1 trillion annually.

The ESG marketplace, however, is inhibited and negatively impacted by a lack of harmonized standards and definitions.

One way to positively impact this dynamic is through the broad application of greenhouse gas measurement instrumentation across a wide range of industries and sectors.

The broad application of this instrumentation has been rendered possible by the instrumentation’s adaptability, conformability, portability, and inexpensive cost basis.

One outcome of the successful application of this technology in accordance with the standardized processes published by accredited third-party industry participants is the generation of carbon credits when and where it can be demonstrated that certain mitigation activities are resulting in fewer greenhouse gases being emitted into the environment.

As organizations undertake real-world measures to reduce their carbon footprints, they are increasingly generating and qualifying for carbon credits that can then be sold to organizations that are unable to natively achieve Net Zero.

Carbon credits, therefore, serve as climate risk transfer mechanisms to reward and incentivize climate risk mitigators, and enable polluters to purchase credits equivalent to the carbon emissions they cannot naturally reduce in their pursuit of Net Zero.

Our patented mass spectrometry instrumentation provides organizations with the scientific ability to quantify their actual carbon emissions, resulting in the generation of tradeable carbon credits when actual carbon emissions mitigation can be measured, reported, and verified in conformity with the standards of carbon credit programs.

We work with the industry’s leading managers of greenhouse gas management programs and carbon credit certification bodies.

These activities are undertaken in accordance with global standards and frameworks that serve to channel climate finance toward high-impact activities that address some of the most serious environmental challenges today.

Live Green, Love Green, Think Green.