The Problem

One of the most costly and damaging agricultural practices globally relates to farmland that is overfertilized.

Farmers have a tendency to overfertilize farmland to manage the risk of decreased yields.

It has been estimated that farmers spend approximately US$ 130 billion annually on fertilizer.

It has been estimated that nitrogen-based fertilizers are utilized up to 40 times more than they were 30 years ago, resulting in harmful runoff and other environmental degradation.

The Solution

By combining patented mass spectrometry instrumentation with drone technology and satellite modeling, our team has developed solutions that determine the optimal blends of fertilizer inputs for farmland, an approach that results in significantly decreased fertilization and related fertilizer expenses.

Moreover, our solutions result in decreased soil decay and depletion and less environmental degradation while maintaining yield productivity on farmlands.

These solutions also have a significantly positive impact on waterways due to less farm runoff.

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