The Problem

Forests naturally perform a vital role regarding carbon management through carbon sequestration.

Forests are important national and state assets but their value is drastically underutilized within the context of global greenhouse gas compliance management programs.

Reforestation and afforestation programs are initiated by countries and landowners looking to develop positive environmental benefits.

Forestry management is challenging for myriad reasons, including the sizes of forests and plantations and seasonal foliage.

One major obstacle regarding the utilization of forestry assets for greenhouse gas compliance management programs relates to challenges in measuring carbon sequestration with accuracy.

The Solution

Our inventory management solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) add significant value to tree and crop inventory management solutions.

By combining patented mass spectrometry instrumentation with drone technology and satellite modeling, our team has developed solutions that measure the carbon emissions data of forests and plantation, enabling us to determine the amount of carbon sequestration taking place for specific forestry assets.

Additionally, related AI-powered robotics technology provides seed planting through drone technology, and oversight over new forestry assets.

For forestry assets where invasive species may be dominant, related technology harvests invasive species of wood and replaces them with best-suited carbon crops.  This results in integrated local agriculture with extremely positive environmental impact.

Additional beneficiation results in bioenergy through high efficiency conversion, fueling green energy transition.

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