We Measure

We’ve flipped the script in the air quality management industry by bringing the laboratory to the samples, and not the samples to the laboratory.

We innovate patented, miniaturized, and mobile mass spectrometry technologies that measure greenhouse gases with an efficacy of approximately eight (8) parts per billion (ppb), delivering auditable scientific data generated on-site that satisfy the demanding requirements of institutional greenhouse gas compliance management programs and stakeholder oversight.

Our technologies measure the six families of gases required to calculate carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e):

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Methane (CH4)
  • Nitrous oxide (N20, NF3)
  • Hydrofluorocarbon gases (HFCs)
  • Perfluorocarbon gases (PFCs)
  • Sulfur hexafluoride gases (SF6)

These instrumentation technologies measure more than 150 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Our instrumentation enables high frequency measurements of greenhouse gases several times per minute for both mobile and stationary assets, resulting in unprecedented, near real-time observation and analysis.

Live Green, Love Green, Think Green.