About Us

Climate Goals Inc

The pursuit to limit global warming to 1.5°C starts and stops with data.

Our global climate crisis is manifesting in myriad ways from environmental destruction to human displacement to costly mandatory reporting requirements.

While our collective opinions of the global climate crisis are fraught with subjective biases and politicized self-interests, it is incumbent upon both humanity and industry to move beyond groupthink towards sustainable development and climate action goals.

Bring The Lab to the Samples – Not the Samples to the Lab

We enable innovative, adaptable, portable, and inexpensive air quality measurement solutions that measure greenhouse gases with scientific rigor and auditable precision through patented and miniaturized mass spectrometry.

Our technologies are stringently applied to measure, report, and verify actual carbon and methane emissions – including Scope 3 emissions – to stakeholders across climate value chains.

We have adapted and conformed our technologies to address the needs of specific industries including transportation, logistics, agriculture, hospitality, and manufacturing, resulting in unprecedented opportunities to manage both mobile and stationary assets.

Our technologies and methodologies are globally applicable.