We Report

Our robust remote reporting methodologies result in near real-time delivery of actual, high frequency greenhouse gas data from both mobile and stationary assets.

Through Internet of Things (IoT) innovation and proprietary mobile reporting software, the patented and miniaturized mass spectrometry instrumentation records, compiles, and transmits greenhouse gas data in standardized formats across secure protocols.

These data are compiled through the direct physical measurement of GHG emissions.

The greenhouse gas footprints of assets are first registered with accredited climate registry databases to ensure conformity with existing reporting standards.  This is particularly relevant when measuring emissions reductions through activity data to calculate changes relevant to sustainable development, and when collecting data regarding climate change mitigation.

Once generated and reported, the data are safeguarded in data repositories for several years to render them incontrovertible and resilient for future third-party audits.

Stakeholders determine the usage accessibility and distribution of data, including information that may facilitate public disclosure.

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