AI and Carbon Credit Challenges

A major challenge in the net-zero transition towards carbon neutrality relates to carbon offset involving large volumes of low-quality, low-cost emissions reductions that organizations can purchase to compensate for their own carbon emissions.

These low-quality carbon offsets often lack verifiability to validate the amount of carbon emissions that are actually being reduced, resulting in dubious claims of carbon neutrality and questionable environmental impact.

We enhance net-zero climate transition strategies by providing technologies and solutions to measure, report, and verify (MRV) actual carbon emissions with scientific certainty.

We enhance these technologies and instrumentation with artificial intelligence solutions to better understand the complexities associated with environmental impact.

This leads to measurable environmental impact and high-value, technology-validated carbon credits.

We enable organizations to drastically reduce their procurement of low-quality carbon credits so that we can collectively achieve a low-carbon reality.

We also strengthen the credibility associated with carbon neutrality claims as organizations strive to achieve Net Zero through the compliance or voluntary carbon markets.  This is particularly relevant as an increasing number of organizations move beyond their own value chains to invest in climate strategies that are forward-looking and longer-term.