The path to Net Zero carbon neutrality starts and stops with data

We enable innovative air quality measurement solutions that measure greenhouse gases with scientific rigor and auditable precision through patented and miniaturized mass spectrometry.

What We Do

Climate Goals Inc implements climate-improving strategies through proprietary technologies to help countries and organizations meet their carbon emissions reduction objectives.

Navigating Climate Transition Together

We enable unprecedented environmental insight through greenhouse gas measurement, and empower organizations to become impactful Net Zero change agents

Carbon Measurement


We’ve flipped the script in the air quality management industry by bringing the laboratory to the samples, and not the samples to the laboratory.


Our robust remote reporting methodologies result in near real-time delivery of actual, high frequency greenhouse gas data from both mobile and stationary assets.


Our proprietary measurement and reporting methodologies deliver auditable CO2e data that can be reviewed and analyzed regularly and periodically through independent assessment to establish reliability and completeness.

Climate Finance

Carbon Finance

Not all carbon credits are created equal. Our innovative technologies uniquely measure the actual amount of carbon emissions associated with mobile and stationary assets, resulting in auditable, technology-driven carbon credits with verifiable data integrity.


Manage the entire digital life cycle of your tokenized carbon assets with our proprietary blockchain solutions, and maximize environmental integrity by removing retired carbon credits from digital circulation.

Use Cases

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